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I'm still wondering about this-----Trump, #SyriaStrike, and Fake News – Mike Cernovich – Medium

Trump, #SyriaStrike, and Fake News – Mike Cernovich – Medium
Trump, #SyriaStrike, and Fake News
Assad had no incentive to gas his own people, let alone children, as he finally had ISIS on the run. The entire rest of the world (save for one huge exception) was either pro-Assad (Russia) or neutral:
Last week, both Tillerson and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said the U.S. had abandoned its demand that Assad be removed from power and that the only priority in the Middle East was the defeat of Islamic State, which is concentrated in Syria and Iraq.
Image result for false flagIn what world does Assad, who is 51, make the most catastrophic mistake of his life by bombing children with poison gas? Even in prison, those who murder children are killed. Harming children isn’t merely the act of a maniac. It’s a level of deprativity even violent criminals will not countenance.
Consider the following meeting occurs. Assad is at his table, surrounded by his generals and most trusted advisers. He has finally defeated ISIS. Syria is stable. The U.S. is considering a major aid package. As he smiles with pride, a general speaks up… “Imma let you finish, but first I have to say that we need to gas children with poison gas.”..."
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