Saturday, April 15, 2017

Is My Yoga Cultural Appropriation?

QUESTION ASKED AND ANSWERED: ● Is My Yoga Cultural Appropriation?
 Is My Yoga Cultural Appropriation? What to Do About It.—The Huffington Post, February 9, 2016.

 Catholic college in Kansas wipes ‘yoga’ from names of classes — it’s a Hindu thing.—The Kansas City Star, yesterday.
Image result for Cultural AppropriationAnd note these mocking paragraphs in the Star’s article:
College spokesman Stephen Johnson said that starting this fall, both recreational classes and for-credit exercise classes that once taught yoga will likely still be taught the same way, but instead will be rebranded as “lifestyle fitness.”
“We’re changing the name,” Johnson said.
The move to recast the practice of yoga, with positions like upward dog and downward dog, into classes of more generic stretching and breathing exercises has landed the college of 2,000 students in something of a doghouse.
Yes, to borrow a line popular at Faber college, they f***ed up; they trusted the SJWs, hoping that appeasement would sate the beast.
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