Wednesday, April 05, 2017



Gender Deniers

By Tammy Derouin

I have been inundated with a couple subjects this past week. One involves defining the sexes, but not whether they are male or female. No, that's already been determined. You are what you are when you are born. Science can even back this up. But, like most on the left side of the political scale, science is only worth claiming if it backs an agenda.

 The chromosome is a scientific fact yet many are opting to believe that gender is fluid and can be exchanged at a later date. Have we entered the age of gender deniers? Gender is not exchangeable. It's not a choice, it's predetermined. You can try to hide it, deny it or even rearrange it, but you cannot change the facts.

Science solves mysteries. It will tell you how or why things are the way they are or why something works or doesn't work. There are also theories. Not everything in life has an explanation. Man gets into trouble when science is twisted and reshaped; falsified in an effort to promote a political agenda. Much like changing historical facts to promote an ideology, it can be devastating.

The thing about facts is that they are stubborn little pieces of reality. They reveal the truth.......

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