Wednesday, April 12, 2017



Indoctrination Mills

By Tammy Derouin

History is a never ending supply of information. Dates of historical events are important, however, it's the story which leads to the events and its aftermath which are the most telling. Recording the facts as they take place helps to keep the story or timeline of events accurate. Accurate facts regarding our past allows us to make the best decisions for our future. There will always be different perspectives. Tyranny and enslavement to one is power and control to another.

How a ruling individual or system of government treats the people of their territory or country is also very telling. The system of government which is in place, along with the social and economic components, reveal a lot of what can be expected. Governments which try to assume absolute power by tightening their grip on the people, lose in the long run. Either the government eventually fails or the fear and false propaganda which has been instilled upon the people, prevents true success for their country as a whole. People who live in fear of their government do not get to experience the life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness as those of us who are blessed to live in a society which values freedom.

When the people of the colonies declared to the world that they were severing ties with the established governing body, they took the time to show just cause for their actions by listing grievance after grievance. They wanted the world to know why it was time to declare independence. The ruling power called it a rebellion with those involved labeled as traitors. Those breaking ties, stood up to the throne and considered their actions necessary. It was the only way they would be able to live free and independent. History would call several of those revolutionary thinking individuals, founding fathers.

The history of the United States is truly remarkable. It's a national crime that our public, tax-payer funded, government controlled schools no longer teach much history. But then again, they know what they are doing. If the population doesn't learn the what's and why's about the United States; why we are so exceptional and what we, as a nation have accomplished, the population can and will be manipulated. The ruling party will determine what is truth and will use the press to peddle the desired reality. The schools have become indoctrination mills; another extension for pushing a political agenda.......

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