Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Professional fundraisers pocket 61% of Michigan charitable donations |

Professional fundraisers pocket 61% of Michigan charitable donations |
"LANSING, MI -- Professional fundraisers kept 61 percent of the money they raised for charities in 2016, according to an annual report from Attorney General Bill Schuette.
Image result for charity scamsProfessional fundraisers are organizations or individuals who solicit contributions on behalf of a charity, and are compensated by that charity in return. 
The Better Business Bureau recommends charities spend no more than 35 percent on such fundraisers.
But in Michigan, some charities are spending much more than that, or even losing money on these fundraising groups.
For example, the National Audubon Society, which aims to conserve and restore natural ecosystems for birds and other wildlife, paid Donor Services Group $82,832 according to an August 2016 report it filed. 
But Donor Services Group only raised $40,600, meaning the National Audubon Society got a negative 104 percent return on its investment.
Search for your favorite charity on this list to see how much money it was able to keep from professional fundraisers. 
The data comes from the Attorney General's office and may include national, not just Michigan, fundraising campaigns.
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The 61 percent of money professional fundraisers kept in 2016 is slightly less than in 2015, when they kept 67 percent of the money raised...
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