Sunday, April 16, 2017

Resegregation-Every bad liberal "idea" always metastizes-----The latest form of 'racism': professors' office hours - The College Fix

Image result for a nation of wimpsThe latest form of 'racism': professors' office hours - The College Fix
"In a culture where anything can be considered “discriminatory,” it seems Dartmouth sophomore Clara Chin has set out to up the ante one notch further.
Chin argues in a Dartmouth op-ed that somehow, some way, professors’ office hours“ disadvantage” and “harm” minorities...
"...Despite the many questions I often had about my classes and curiosity to explore further readings, I did not have the confidence to raise them or simply thought my ideas were not worth pursuing. 

...In this case, the minoritarian subject might fear taking up the time and mental energy of professors and question the validity of the ideas they might raise in conversations with faculty. 
This is an issue that I have discussed with other people of color and women. 
Minoritarian subjects may feel undeserving of space because of an inherent lack of self-confidence, victim complex or innate helplessness. 
It is because institutions, such as academia, can send an implicit message that ideas out of the white, normative mainstream are unimportant by erasing these other narratives. 
One form of this is the lack of faculty of color at elite institutions like Dartmouth, which is a result of various factors..."
So, what is the solution to … “minoritizing” the institution of office hours? 

Hiring more minority faculty..."

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