Sunday, April 16, 2017

Steve Russo - Easter In Manhattan 1956 Easter in Manhattan...

Steve Russo - Easter In Manhattan 1956 Easter in Manhattan, circa...:
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Easter In Manhattan 1956
"Easter in Manhattan, circa 1956 ~ Representing the Three Crosses on Calvary. 
How things have changed. 
Can you imagine this happening today?
No, me neither! 
61 years later, New York now has an admitted communist for a mayor and Christianity is now considered a bigger threat than Islam, which is considered the "Religion of Peace" and is to be tolerated or you're called a bigot and or racist.... or something. 
In 60 short years we have gone from this being the norm across America at Easter to having prayer and any Christian symbols being banned from schools or public spaces. 
And today’s college “educated” elites and public school sheep truly have no idea that America really was a Judeo/Christian nation once upon a time.
Sadly, America is a far worse place for it."

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