Friday, April 21, 2017

Uber-Left Google’s Major Move - Flooding the Right with Cash

Uber-Left Google’s Major Move - Flooding the Right with Cash:
"...Now the entire industry is obsessed with going viral and how words will be received via social media.
“Who determines this?
Image result for buying politiciansSan Francisco/Silicon Valley, the hub for revolutionary, far-left extremism, the home base for Twitter and Facebook. 
Twitter and Facebook’s employee base is from the area. New York and San Francisco are distinctly different. San Francisco is driving the American media, not New York.
“You have young, microwaved millionaires and billionaires reshaping the American media in a way that reflects San Francisco values. 
...Google has long given lots and lots of coin to lots and lots of Democrats and Leftist outfits.
massive money just prioritized and amplified the Left-Democrats’ efforts on Google’s behalf.
But Google isn’t stupid.
They can read the writing on the political wall. 
And increasingly, that penmanship – belongs to Republicans and the Right.
...This isn’t money chasing ideas – where Google funds people with whom they already agree. 
This is Google hoping their coin – will shift Right-Republican thinking and actions in their Leftist direction.
Sadly, to varying degrees – it is working..."
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