Friday, April 14, 2017

UMD student calls hippie-inspired fashion 'deeply offensive'

Image result for drunk hippiesUMD student calls hippie-inspired fashion 'deeply offensive':
"A student at the University of Maryland is claiming that mainstream fashion makes “a mockery of the hippie movement” because hippies vehemently opposed “consumerism and commercialism.”
In an op-ed for The Diamondback, senior Aiyah Sibay asserts that the modern fashion industry selfishly steals hippie clothing styles to make money while ignoring the larger implications of the hippie movement, calling it a “great irony” that hippies represented “a brave rejection of the mainstream” and thus would never be interested in popular culture or fashion.
Sibay argues that while the hippie movement had its roots in opposition to the Vietnam War, it soon became a “way of life” that “would not accept the rigid system of capitalism,” contending that selling clothing meant to imitate their culture “is contradictory to the values the hippie movement represented...”

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