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Your College Degree is Worthless – The Mission – Medium

Your College Degree is Worthless – The Mission – Medium
Your College Degree is Worthless
This is not a judgement, it’s just a fact.
A degree is information. 
Information is an incredibly valuable resource in the market.
But in the case of the college degree, far better information is available for far less time and money.
The information contained in a degree is flabby and ridiculous
Let’s get concrete.
Say you want to work for James Altucher.
Image result for college is a wasteTwo candidates apply. 
Candidate one sends a resume that says, “Marketing Major at Least Common Denominator University”.
Candidate two sends examples of copy from three email drip campaigns they created, results of their Shopify store, and the CPC they got on a Facebook ad set.
Which one provided better information about the value they can create for James?
Let’s go deeper
Better yet, consider applicant three...(this is great!)
Both candidates two and three sent information ten times more valuable than a degree, without spending five years and six figures sitting in classrooms learning how not to create value.
What they did is easy and accessible to all.
It takes a little courage, hard work, experimentation, creativity, and persistence.
It doesn’t take any kind of privilege, a trust fund, a GPA, or any other dumb external paper prestige.
“But most companies list degrees as requirements!”
Information, my dear, is costly and imperfect.
Companies are imperfect too.
Employers use degrees because they’ve seen a correlation (not causation) between degree holders and minimum threshold of employability over non-degree holders, on average. 
Not because college does something to make people better at their work.
Employers know it does nothing of the sort.
They have gobs of info to sort through, and they look for quick easy ways to trim down pools of applicants.
It’s illegal to use IQ and other measures, so they put together a bag of info that they think is a decent approximation.
A degree is one data point in that bag.
They use it in the absence of something better.
But if you have something better, it trumps the degree immediately..."
Read it all before you make that decision!

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