Sunday, May 28, 2017

Anatomy of a Deep State - WSJ

Anatomy of a Deep State - WSJ:
"On May 8 a woman few Americans have heard of, working in a federal post that even fewer know exists, summoned a select group of 45 people to a June meeting in Washington. 
They were almost exclusively representatives of liberal activist groups. 
Image result for the Deep StateThe invitation explained they were invited to develop “future plans for scientific integrity” at the Environmental Protection Agency.
Meet the deep state. 
That’s what conservatives call it now, though it goes by other names. 
The administrative state. 
The entrenched governing elite. 
Lois Lerner. 
The federal bureaucracy. 
Whatever the description, what’s pertinent to today’s Washington is that this cadre of federal employees, accountable to no one, is actively working from within to thwart Donald Trump’s agenda.
There are few better examples than the EPA post of Scientific Integrity Official. (Yes, that is an actual job title.) 
The position is a legacy of Barack Obama, who at his 2009 inaugural promised to “restore science to its rightful place”—his way of warning Republicans that there’d be no more debate on climate change or other liberal environmental priorities.
Team Obama directed federal agencies to implement “scientific integrity” policies..."

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