Saturday, May 27, 2017

Articles: The Obama Cult

Articles: The Obama Cult:
"Do you remember president Obama's eight scandal-free years?
This question, posted on an acquaintance's Facebook page, drew my astonished attention.
Image result for obama scandal freeMy immediate "LOL" response received a reprimand for expressing "disrespect."
Among other responses to this lead question were rapturous expressions of "love" and even "worship" for The Great Leader Barack Obama.
As the furor ignited by the Trump election continues to burn and blow, the melancholy longing for an alleged Golden Age is arising.
The longing is deep, and accompanied by swooning ecstasy at the reappearance to public life of Mr. Barack Obama.
I suspect that such expressions are representative of a significant population.
This occasion, in which I drew the rebuke of some of the faithful also offering comments, refreshes the perception that there is in America a continuing embrace of a bizarre personality cult that has found a deep resonance within the nation's political culture.  
This cult was manifest as early as Barack Obama's 2007-2008 candidacy and is unique in its promotion and protection by major cultural institutions..."

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