Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Beaton: Should Toledo taxpayers pay for Aspen art? | AspenTimes.com

Beaton: Should Toledo taxpayers pay for Aspen art? | AspenTimes.com:
"Here in the billionaires' playground of Aspen, the politicians waived the zoning laws a few years ago for a monstrosity they call an art museum.
It's a huge square wicker basket dominating a city block, with zero setback and zero architecture. This place that is supposed to display visual beauty is itself an eyesore.
Image result for Caligula orgyAlmost everyone hates it.
But not the director Heidi Zuckerman Jacobson.
In an artistic burst, she created for herself a $900,000 salary.
Her salary is about the only permanent or valuable piece in the collection.
...The director herself admits she doesn't need the money. 
She recently told a local newspaper, "It's less about the percentage of the budget and more about the philosophical stance that the city, state and federal government values art."
You see, the money she receives is not about the money she receives.
It's about the "philosophical stance" of us peasants.
...Like the Roman emperors, she demands money from afar not because she needs it, but as tribute.
I have news for our modern-day Caligula. 
The tribute she demands for this philosophical stance/bow comes from somewhere, and it's not the government. 
The government is just the most recent stop. 
It really comes from American taxpayers..."
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