Thursday, May 11, 2017

Half a Million Asylum Seekers on German Welfare Handouts

Half a Million Asylum Seekers on German Welfare Handouts:
"According to new statistics, over half a million asylum seekers now receive some kind of welfare benefit from the German state.
In neighbouring Austria, the migrant unemployment rate is now over 20 per cent.
Image result for unemployed islamic illegalsThe numbers come from the German Federal Agency for Employment (BA) are were announced earlier this week.
The statistics come as many still worry about the ability of the over one million migrants who came to Germany during the migrant crisis to integrate into the German job market, T-Online reports.
...The IAB claimed last December a mere three per cent of migrants who arrived in the country recently had managed to find work. 
The group said: “It would be an illusion to believe we will manage to find jobs for a decent proportion of refugees in well-paid industry jobs like car manufacturing...”"

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