Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Higher Education “Gender Gap” Favors Women -- Feminization of Everything Fails Boys | National Review

Higher Education “Gender Gap” Favors Women -- Feminization of Everything Fails Boys | National Review:
"As our society unlearns masculinity and feminizes every stage of male life, boys pay a steep price. Let me share with you two troubling — and, I believe, closely linked — news reports. 

  • The first, from this weekend, comes courtesy of the American Enterprise Institute’s Mark Perry. 

In one chart, he highlights the dramatic and growing gender gap in higher education. 
In short, women are dominating: 

  • The second comes from The Atlantic’s Emma Green. 

Image result for Feminization of boysDetailing the findings of a survey conducted by her magazine and the Public Religion Research Institute, she notes that 61 percent of white working-class men view college as a “risky gamble.” 
...“The survey shows that many white working-class Amer­icans, especially men, no longer see that path available to them. . . . 
It is this sense of economic fatalism, more than just economic hardship, that was the decisive factor in support for Trump among white working-class voters.” 
Make no mistake, if these numbers showed an equivalent (and increasing) educational gender gap running in the opposite direction, the feminist Left would declare a cultural emergency. 
Indeed, it has declared a cultural emergency in spite of the dominant educational performance of women. 
As Perry notes, our colleges are full of “women’s centers” and “gender equity” initiatives that are dedicated exclusively to female success (or almost exclusively; some non-gender-binary folks get gender-equity aid as well). 

  • When will there stop being a crisis for women on campus? 
  • When they reach two-thirds of the higher-education population? 
  • When three out of every four college grads are women? 
  • Our society is unlearning masculinity, it’s feminizing every stage of male life, and boys are paying a steep price..."

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