Wednesday, May 17, 2017



Fast Forward

By Tammy Derouin

Our individual history defines us.  Each person has the opportunity to make the best or worst out of their experiences. Benjamin Franklin said, "The Constitution only gives people the right to pursue happiness. You have to catch it yourself."  Happiness is not a guarantee and it's certainly not the government's responsibility to make you happy.  It's the responsibility of the government to protect the rights, safety and security of the American people.
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Happiness is defined by each individual.  What makes you happy may not make me happy.  There isn't a secret formula, it's trial and error.  Regardless of what liberals promise, happiness is not government issued. Objects, benefits and made up rights, such as heath care and entitlements, act as the sugar the liberals use to bait and hook. Once the government establishes dependency, they have a controllable, loyal following. If we were to fast forward into the possible future, it would be very bleak.

Government already has too much control.  I read an article this past week where it was implied that it would be so much simpler if they (the government) just told us what to eat.  Do you think it would stop there?  They've already forced mandatory health care on us or suffer a penalty.  What else do you think the government would like to control to make life easier for them? 

Have you noticed that so many people are at their happiest when they are miserable? We all know people that aren't happy unless they are complaining.......

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