Wednesday, May 31, 2017




By Tammy Derouin

Americans have a proud tradition of recognizing and honoring those who have served their country in the military. The sacrifices an individual makes for choosing to serve and defend our country are great. Their personal life is greatly affected as their life is not their own. Commitment may range from several years of service to a lifetime career. What takes place during those years, however, will stay with them forever. Those who make the ultimate sacrifice, by giving their life, hold a special place in our hearts.

Image result for Flicker Commons Images Tomb of Unknown SoliderAs Americans, we have a lot that is worth defending. Sadly, our freedoms have been taken for granted and in many cases the history of our founding and the rights which were established, no longer seem important enough to be taught in the public school system. Those who serve are taking an active stand to defend our freedoms. Their sacrifices have kept us free.

We have been blessed as a nation that most battles have been fought away from the homeland. Our rights and freedoms are always at risk when there is an aggressor; a country or entity which wishes to harm Americans or calls for the destruction of the United States. Our military, our national defense system as a whole, has protected the American people. Their service has allowed the rest of us, the civilian population, to live our lives without an overwhelming worry or fear of the true dangers which once lurked beyond our borders. This sense of security, which unfortunately was taken for granted, allowed generations to fulfill their life, enjoy their liberty and pursue their personal happiness.

If any of the previous wars or conflicts had come to our shores, our rights and freedoms would have been in harms way. We have been attacked, but we have not experienced battles in our backyards with a foreign occupation shifting our borders, be it temporarily or permanently.......

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