Thursday, May 18, 2017

McDonald's Pulls Emotional Commercial After Sissies Cry on Social Media

McDonald's Pulls Emotional Commercial After Sissies Cry on Social Media:
"It’s Wednesday. 
Which means social media dullards have successfully destroyed an advertisement (see Comedian Hilariously Skewers Liberal Outrage Culture with ‘How to Get Offended…” and Dear Perpetually Outraged and Offended Wimps: Get a Life!). 
Watch out world, the outrage brigade is knocking down walls and boo-hoooing for cheers.
Screaming from the platform of “Thee Offended,” victim-minded media activists have shut down a recent UK McDonald’s advertisement. 
Here’s that advert:
And here’s the sissy reaction, as documented by Yahoo:
 And now the fast food giant has bowed to pressure – just hours after saying it had no plans to scrap it.
“We can confirm today that we have taken the decision to withdraw our ‘Dad’ TV advert,” said a spokesperson.
“The advert will be removed from all media, including TV and cinema, completely and permanently this week.
“It was never our intention to cause any upset. We are particularly sorry that the advert may have disappointed those people who are most important to us – our customers.
“Due to the lead-times required by some broadcasters, the last advert will air tomorrow, Wednesday 17 May. We will also review our creative process to ensure this situation never occurs again.”...
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