Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Final Top Tier Intel Black Hat Leaker Removed… | The Last Refuge

The Final Top Tier Intel Black Hat Leaker Removed… | The Last Refuge
"It was eight months ago when we first began discussing the “White Hats” -vs- “Black Hats” within the intelligence apparatus.  
It was obvious there was a battle going on within the  ‘intelligence’ and ‘justice’ systems per se’ between two distinct groups, mostly centered around political leaks within the IC:
  • A Black Hat: is a self-serving entity, person or organization, that is corrupt, deceitful, manipulative, exploitative, and working for their own power and interests.  A bad entity.
  • A White Hat: is an altruistic entity, person or organization, that is foundationally grounded on truth, honesty, and clear definitions of right and moral wrong.  A good entity.
The four primary agencies who drove the media narrative were: CIA, DNI, FBI and NSA.
...Initially, last year, FBI Director James Comey was challenging to gauge. 
However, it didn’t take long to discover his political corruption, and see his political agenda was all about himself – not the application of law.
Then on March 20th the mask fully came off.  
Comey was a solid Black Hat
The March 20th appearance before congress was the final straw in showcasing just how politically corrupt James Comey was.
In this same March 20th hearing Comey stated there was an investigation into intelligence leaks to the media.  
However, on May 8th the source of the reports that were eventually leaked to the media, acting AG Sally Yates, said she was never questioned by the FBI..."
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