Sunday, May 14, 2017

The Veiled Genocide: A Reexamination of Muslim Occupation and Slavery of Africa | The Muslim Issue

The Veiled Genocide: A Reexamination of Muslim Occupation and Slavery of Africa | The Muslim Issue
"Over 4 million people are still under ownership by Muslims as slaves in Africa and across the Middle East today. 
No liberal or black nationalist ever complains about that. 
The brutality of the Muslim slave trade during the caliphate was so severe that 90% of Africans died in transport. 
Those who made it alive to Arabia barely lived into their mid 20’s. 
Women served merely as sex-slaves and workers and if they became pregnant from Muslim rapes their offspring was killed at birth. 
Image result for Muslim SlaveryThe male slaves served as laborers and were castrated to stop them from producing children. 
When the Muslims castrated their slaves they cut the entire penis and testicles off. 
It was the male version of FGM.
The African slave trade was created by the Africans themselves, and not by any European or foreigner. 
One of the reason African kings endorsed and ran the entire slave trade of their own people is due to their indoctrination into Sharia. 
Slavery made the the African kings extremely wealthy and powerful. 
The Sharia legalized the slavery of African people who had not converted to Islam, under the infidel label.
Although it is true that the whole world was engaged in slavery at one point in the temptation of wealth they witnessed from Muslim slavery, it is also true that African blacks, under the indoctronation of Islam, captured and enslaved more white Europeans in 1,200 years of slave raids on European shores than all of European and American slave trade combined.
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