Saturday, May 06, 2017

Trump can make America manufacture again — with rare Earth elements - NetRight Daily

Trump can make America manufacture again — with rare Earth elements - NetRight Daily:
"...Care to guess how China could get advanced schematics of the F-35 fighter jet?
There are hundreds of pounds of parts with rare Earth elements in them.
Would it be easier to launch a sophisticated computer hacking operation, or simply walk over to the factory that is producing parts for the jet and have a look? 
The most sophisticated and expensive weapons system ever produced is literally “Made in China”.
Smart bombs have accounted for 99.5 percent of the strikes against the Islamic State.
Image result for Shenyang J-31 vs F-35The strikes are occurring in populated areas and precision weapons must be used to avoid civilian casualties.
The munitions are expensive and highly advanced.
The munitions also use rare Earth elements. 
Recently the military has indicated a shortage of these munitions.
Is the U.S. military supposed to ask China for permission to carry out an action?
...This is an economic and national security matter.
Something must be done.
Fixing the rare Earth element shortage problem would be the quickest way for President Trump to bring back manufacturing jobs to the U.S.
As stated above, right now $7 trillion in goods cannot be manufactured in the U.S.
China uses its monopoly as a weapon to force manufacturers to relocate or to stay in China.
While there, China steals the intellectual property of the companies it forced to relocate..."

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