Friday, May 26, 2017

Venezuelans seeking US asylum jump 160% - May. 23, 2017

Venezuelans seeking US asylum jump 160% - May. 23, 2017
"Venezuela on brink of collapse
Joy and sadness overwhelmed Emelina Guerra when she first walked into a supermarket in Miami.
It was full of food, a sight she hadn't seen in her home country, Venezuela, in at least five years.
"I was very emotional because I realized my family was here and we finally had everything," says Guerra, choking back tears, as she recalled the moment. 
Image result for venezuela socialism cartoonThe sight made her grateful to be in the US but sad to think of her parents back home.
Guerra, 32, fled Caracas just two months ago with her two-year old, Jesus, and husband, Miguel Arredondo, to escape Venezuela's soaring violence, political chaos and food shortages.
Guerra is considering applying for asylum, which she believes is her family's best option to stay in the US.
If she applies, she'll join an alarming trend: Venezuelans are now the top asylum seekers in the US, ahead of citizens from China, Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador. 
It's the first time Venezuelans have topped the list.
...For now, Guerra is just happy and hopeful that her son will lead a better life, free of the violence in Caracas.
She hopes to soon find affordable English courses so she can start a new life in the United States.
"I can't imagine going back," she says..."

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