Sunday, June 04, 2017

Blog: Finally, conservatives are fighting back!

Blog: Finally, conservatives are fighting back!:
Image result for conservatives are fighting back!"For years, I have been extremely frustrated with my fellow Republicans and conservatives allowing leftist Democrats to dictate how we're allowed to fight for our ideas.
Meanwhile, leftists can promote whatever violence-inciting lie they deem necessary.
Remarkably, despite overwhelming evidence proving otherwise, leftists are still promoting the lie that black criminal Michael Brown was gunned down by a white racist cop while surrendering with his hands up.
Leftists can say and do disgusting things publicly in front of innocent children, all the while outrageously decreed by fake news media to have the moral high ground.
Here are just a few examples of what I am talking about.
On Trump's inauguration day, at the anti-Trump Women's March in D.C., thousands wore what they crudely called "pussy hats."
From the podium, in a gross way, Ashley Judd spoke of menstrual blood and women's private issues. My late mom would have been shocked and extremely embarrassed.
Madonna boldly proclaimed her desire to blow up the White House.
Fakes news media would have demanded the immediate prosecution of a Tea Party person saying the same.
In 2010, over a million Tea Party Americans gathered in Washington, D.C. to oppose Obamacare. The peaceful, polite crowd left the place cleaner than they had found it.
Fake news media despicably told our country it was a mob of haters against their black president.
Leftists routinely trash the cites of their rallies..."

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