Thursday, June 29, 2017

California’s Very Expensive Free Healthcare | Science 2.0

California’s Very Expensive Free Healthcare | Science 2.0
"What will cost $400 billion, a giant leap over California’s total health care budget for 2018 of $179.5 billion, yet is not mentioned by California lawmakers?
California's free "single-payer" healthcare proposal.
...To solve the 'unaffordable access' problem, the state of California has decided to adopt a system like England's National Health Service - one payer, the government.
Image result for California’s Very Expensive Free HealthcareThe state faces a big problem starting from scratch; since 1970, the cost of health care has boomed 1,400 percent, far beyond inflation. 
That is not prescription drug costs, it is doctors and nurses and a defensive medicine system that adds huge unnecessary tests to ward off unlimited lawsuits.
None of those problems are being fixed. 
Instead, the cost is going to be shifted.
In California, that means to taxpayers.
...According to the California senate’s own study, the estimated cost of the single-payer program is $400 billion, while California’s total budget for 2018 is already a whopping $179.5 billion..."
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