Friday, June 09, 2017

Chelsea Clinton and the Democrats' Dullard Dynasty -

Chelsea Clinton and the Democrats' Dullard Dynasty -
"Fundamentals suggest that this should be a golden moment for the Democratic Party.
...Within his first three months in office, Trump already surpassed the lowest-ever Gallup numbers of predecessors Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, John F. Kennedy, and Dwight Eisenhower.
...The donkeys may be picking themselves up off the mat, but don't confuse that for voter enthusiasm. 
Political self-identification as measured by Gallup was stuck down at 30 percent for Democrats (and 26 percent for Republicans) as of March; the party has failed to attract even one-third of Americans to its label for four long years now.
Why the reticence?
Image result for chelsey clinton no talentFor one of the main reasons, just consult any recent edition of The Hill.
There, since the beginning of the year, the Washington, D.C., political newspaper has published scores of items noodling on the relentlessly banal musings of a person who has never held a job remotely near government: Chelsea Clinton.
There was "Chelsea Clinton fuels speculation of political run," "Chelsea Clinton plans new children's book," and—God help us—"Chelsea Clinton knocks ObamaCare replacement plan."
...This 100 percent top-down campaign to whip up enthusiasm for Clinton 3.0 reached a low point with a Los Angeles Times op-ed by Ann Friedman featuring the gag-me headline, "Just like her mother, Chelsea Clinton never gets a break." 
Yes, the poor dear had to scratch and claw for every penny of the $600,000 annual NBC News salary she received to produce an estimated 58 minutes of programming between 2011 and 2014.
Like former first lady Michelle Obama, whose name has also been whispered fervently by would-be queenmakers, Chelsea Clinton could exist as a hypothetical candidate only in a party that has run out of both ideas and talent. 
Surely there are more interesting politicians in this country of 320 million than rich, platitude-spewing amateurs with drearily famous last names."

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