Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Glenn K. Beaton: Don’t fall for the college scam | AspenTimes.com

Glenn K. Beaton: Don’t fall for the college scam | AspenTimes.com:
"One of my friends (yes, I have some, even in liberal Aspen) is a mountaineering guide.
He communicates concepts of climbing and safety to people who have never been in the mountains. 
He has a spatial ability to see the terrain in his mind's eye. 
He provides emergency medical treatment for injuries ranging from foot blisters to pulmonary edema. 
He's smart, articulate and well-read.
He never went to college.
I have another acquaintance who owns a concrete company. 
His idea of a "concrete solution" is something that is poured out of a cement truck and into a set of forms. 
And I don't mean the printed kind.
He figures out the cost of a project. 
He lines up and manages the necessary staffing. 
He knows both how low he must bid and how high he might. 
Image result for college scamHe does well and, like my mountaineering guide friend, in his spare time he also does good.
He too never got a college degree.
Meanwhile, over at Aspen High School, nearly everyone goes to college because, well, college is where nearly everyone from Aspen High School goes. 
Administrators say with unintended irony that they teach independent thinking, and so everyone must march lockstep to college to be force-fed more of it.
This narrow-mindedness in the educational-industrial complex is worse than self-serving. Teachers are privileged to exert an influence over young minds. 
When teachers tell kids that only losers don't go to college, kids believe them..."
...A recent survey found that 80 percent of Americans think food containing DNA (which would include all food made from animals or plants) should be specially labeled as such. 
And a significant percentage think that chocolate milk comes from brown cows.
Some colleges are worse than others. 
Here in Colorado, the state has built numerous places called Colorado Mountain College, apparently for students unable to find their way out of the mountains. 
Their graduation rate is 26 percent. 
For those who do graduate, their median income six years later is less than $29,000..."
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