Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Hollywood YUUUGE Loser in Georgia Sixth | Roger L. Simon

Hollywood YUUUGE Loser in Georgia Sixth | Roger L. Simon:
"...Rosie O’Donnell [ je suis shockay], Jane Fonda, Jessica Lange, Sean Daniel, Connie Britton, Sam Waterston and Kyra Sedgwick are among those who have donated to Democrat Jon Ossoff’s campaign...
Will these moral narcissists talk with Ossoff again, now that he has lost by a solid margin, more than predicted, failing to do any better than Hillary against their Public Enemy #1  (Donald J. Trump) despite having by far the largest war chest in American congressional history, nine times bigger than his opponent's?
I would think not.
Sad CNN (Twitter)...they are living in a city with a mammoth homeless problem.
The L.A. Times is reporting that as of 2017 Los Angeles has a staggering 57,794 homeless, up from 44,359 in 2015.
...Everywhere you drive in this city you see tent encampments under the freeways, as if the City of the Angels had turned into Calcutta.
Surely these Hollywood grandees have seen it too, unless they never go out of the house.
If they seriously wanted to do something substantive with their largesse, other than political virtue signaling, they would contribute to dealing with this catastrophic, rapidly growing problem.
They should also examine what it is about Donald Trump that actually makes them so angry.  

  • The tweets?  
  • That he opposes radical Islamic terrorism?  
  • That he is colluding with Russia? (The idea of that being of concern to Fonda, who actually did collude with North Vietnam in the most obvious way, is hilarious.) 
  • What specifically?  
  • Not gay marriage.  
  • He supported that long before Obama or Hillary came around.
  • In actuality, I submit that what angers them most is that Trump is not interested in them.  
  • He is interested in the actual working class, which they disdain.  

(Yes, I have seen that up close and personal too.  I wrote about it extensively, naming names, in this book.)
If Hollywood and the media together lead the Democratic Party,..they ought to take a good look at themselves.
What they are perceived to be espousing is no more than pompous elitism, a sense of looking down on the folks who pay their immense bills (media too, in many instances)..."
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