Sunday, June 25, 2017

HORROR AT TEXAS BORDER - What Was Just Found There Proves Trump Was Right...

HORROR AT TEXAS BORDER - What Was Just Found There Proves Trump Was Right...:
"Liberals and the mainstream media is constantly calling for Donald Trump to open the U.S. border with Mexico.
What is happening very close to the Texas border right now, however, shows EXACTLY why our borders must remain closed.
Breitbart reported that the war between drug cartels along the border escalated in a chilling way this week when members of the Los Zetas cartel dropped three severed heads just south of the city of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas.
The heads were left in a black trash bag on the highway that connects Ciudad Victoria to Monterrey, known as Rio Corona.
Around a mile away, police found two bodies and their respective severed heads at a soccer field in the rural community of Plan de Ayala, along the same highway.
These bodies had also been dropped there by members of the Los Zetas cartel.
Rival factions of the Los Zetas cartel have been battling for control of the region over the past few weeks in a war that has led to scores of kidnappings, drive-by shootings, gun battles, targeted executions, home invasions, beheading, and dismemberment. 
Many of these incidents have been recorded and sent to rival factions of the cartels as a warning.
This violence is happening close to the Texas border and could easily spill into the U.S. if we do not remain vigilant. 
This is EXACTLY what President Trump is trying to protect us from..."

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