Thursday, June 01, 2017

How Much is Enough? | Declination

How Much is Enough? | Declination
"When buying a product or service, the first question out of a man’s mouth is likely to be “how much is it?”
Image result for moreAs individuals, that question is axiomatic.
So why is it that when we discuss grand political programs, the cost is so rarely discussed? 
And even when it is, the price is obfuscated behind layers of legalese and technicalities.
...When a charity asks me to donate money, the question is often “how much?”
And not just how much money they want from me, though that is important as well, but how much money is actually spent on the mission of the charity, versus administrative overhead.
Yet with government spending, the question of how much is only ever answered with more.
How much taxpayer funding do you need for welfare?
How much is needed for paying school teachers?
How much is needed for social services?
How much taxpayer money do you need, period?
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