Monday, June 19, 2017

Incredible Number of U.S. Colleges Now Offer Socialistic ‘Social Justice’ Degrees

Image result for ‘Social Justice’ DegreesIncredible Number of U.S. Colleges Now Offer Socialistic ‘Social Justice’ Degrees:
"A new report issued by College Fix reporter Toni Airaksinen has found that more than 100 colleges across the country are now offering academic programs (minors, majors, graduate degrees, concentrations, certificates, etc.) in “social justice” fields.
“The Fix found at least 64 American colleges that offer minors in social justice or a substantially similar field, such as social justice leadership,” Airaksinen reported.
“At least 18 offer four-year degrees in the field, and at least 15 offer master’s degrees.”
...For instance, at Rutgers University, a public school in New Jersey, undergrads can minor in “social justice.”
One of the courses offered, “Practicing Social Justice,” requires students actually participate in leftist causes.
Image result for young communistsAccording to the course’s description, “Practicing Social Justice” will introduce “students to diverse practices of social justice activism including grassroots organizing, labor organizing, political organizing, and transnational organizing. 
Readings about social change efforts are combined with student participation in community mobilizations, labor organizing efforts, political campaigns, and transnational social movement and NGO activism.”
This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.
Leftists have been dominating college campuses for the better part of the past 60 years, and their efforts have most certainly paid off..."

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