Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Liberals For Segregation ...

Liberals For Segregation ...:
"It’s no secret that a lot of liberals nowadays don’t want to be called … liberals.
Can you blame them?
In recent years the word has taken a beating; conservatives would say, for good reason.
So instead of liberal, the word many of them choose is … progressive. 
Image result for democrats kkkWho’s against progress? 
But euphemisms can’t hide inconvenient truths: that too many liberals have forgotten how to be liberal – and too many progressives act more like “regressives.”
Take race.
Remember when liberals were the ones leading the fight to dismantle segregation?
When they were the ones who wanted to take skin color out of the equation?
Today, it’s progressives who sound like George Wallace.
On college campuses around the country, liberals still care about racial segregation – but not the way liberals used to care about it.

  • At some schools they want a “safe space” reserved for students of color – no whites allowed. 
  • At Evergreen State in Olympia, Washington, students demanded a day with no whites on campus. 
  • At several other colleges, they’re offering segregated housing for black students. 
  • And a few weeks ago, Harvard held a special graduation ceremony — for black graduate students only. 

It’s the first time in the schools long history they’ve done anything like that..."
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