Thursday, June 08, 2017

MSM sorta missed this. "Open Season on White Students"?-----Messages indicate UTexas Greek Life feels targeted after stabbing spree on campus - The College Fix

Messages indicate UTexas Greek Life feels targeted after stabbing spree on campus - The College Fix:
‘We are all scared …’
Various anonymous messages that have popped up after a stabbing spree on campus that left one student dead indicate some members of the University of Texas Greek Life community may feel unsafe and targeted at the school.
The murder, in which a knife-wielding black student, 21-year-old Kendrix White, stabbed several white peers before being arrested by police, came on the heels of repeated vandalism targeting Greek Life houses near the Austin campus, such as graffiti stating “racist rapists.”
Image result for reverse racism“Vandals of UT,” the anonymous student group claiming responsibility, say their actions are a response to white supremacy and elitism and hope the graffiti serves as a warning to the university that underprivileged students are unafraid to fight back.
“We were responding to the everyday crisis that is rape culture, white supremacy, and elitism,” the group said in an April 21 statement posted at
“It is no accident that so many fraternities take the style of plantation homes—the institutions of Greek life are themselves colonial, bourgeois, patriarchal structures, founded to preserve the reproduction of elite classes. 
Our attacks come in response to the everyday fear and feeling of danger that these institutions and their members produce for students of color, women, queer and trans students, and other marginalized folks. 
Catcalls, racial slurs, rape jokes, and more are the daily realities which go unspoken and uninvestigated by either the police or the University,” the statement continued..."
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