Monday, June 12, 2017

Murray: postmodernism, Trump to blame for left's campus anger

Murray: postmodernism, Trump to blame for left's campus anger
  • Murray says he is identified as a "person of the right" on campus, which allows students to transfer their anti-Trump anger onto him.
Charles Murray spoke about the causes of the recent rise of violent mob protesters during a speech delivered at an Intellectual Takeout gala late last week.
Earlier this year, Middlebury students hijacked Murray’s planned speech by using mob rule, followed him outside of the building to attack his getaway car, and at least one person, Professor Allison Stanger, ended up in the hospital with a concussion.
...He lamented that what happened at Middlebury wasn’t an isolated incident and that those types of protests have begun to spread, not just at his own lectures, but at other speeches, too.
“What is going on there?he inquired.
Murray theorized that there are two major causes of the recent campus hysteria, “both a proximate reason, and a deeper reason” —
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  • the election of Donald Trump, and 
  • the tide of postmodernism throughout academe.
"The election of Donald Trump aroused a great deal of anger throughout the left, and especially in academia,” said Murray. 
"If I'm on campus, I'm the way that [students’] anger against Trump's election could be vented,” he said, noting that he “did not run into that kind of protest right up until the election...”

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