Sunday, June 11, 2017

“My hometown (Utica) is gone” « Refugee Resettlement Watch

“My hometown (Utica) is gone” « Refugee Resettlement Watch
"In recent months I’ve wondered if voluntarily devoting ten years to writing this blog has been worth it—my tenth anniversary is coming up in 3 weeks—but when I see a story like this where someone has the guts (and the first hand knowledge!) to say what is happening in cities being “Islamized,” with the help of the UN/US Refugee Admissions Program, I get the energy to go on.

Read the 2005 UN propaganda report used to entice (embarrass) other cities into ‘welcoming’ refugees.
...Here are a few snips from former Utica resident, Loretta Brady, writing at Thermidor.
But, please read the whole thing!
This is a blog post I threw together in response to the recent increase in refugee numbers by Trump’s State Department, in order to convey what it is like living in an Islamizing area. 
I gave a talk at a luncheon a few months ago that was basically relating my story of how my hometown has been Islamized by refugee resettlement. 
So it makes sense to do a blog post.
I’m from the Utica, NY area. Utica is the city nicknamed by the UN “the city that loves refugees!” 
Soon every American city will be a city that loves refugees! Get ready
So I would like to tell you what it is like living in an area where the major city is about 25% (or more) refugee, mainly Muslim..."
Read on and fear for our country!

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