Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Robbery Suspect Corners Female Homeowner, Gets Shot - Breitbart

Robbery Suspect Corners Female Homeowner, Gets Shot - Breitbart:
"On Monday, an alleged robbery suspect in Castaic, California, cornered a female homeowner who reacted by shooting him in the chest.
The alleged robbery occurred around 2 a.m.
According to KHTS, the woman heard strange noises and realized the suspect was in her home.
Image result for women self defense gunShe fled the residence and called 911 while outside.
The woman then saw the suspect leave the home, so she returned and “barricaded the front door” once inside.
Suddenly, the suspect returned and reportedly forced his way in through the home’s back entry.
This time around, the woman was holding her handgun and fired one shot when confronted by the suspect. 
The bullet struck him in the chest, and he was transported to a hospital where he is “in custody for a burglary charge.”
Police did not identify the suspect, and the woman did not want to be identified either.
Neighbors speaking on condition of anonymity said they were not surprised by the incident.
They said, “Sheriff’s deputies response times to the area were not as quick as other areas, and residents are prepared for anything that could happen in that time.

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