Sunday, June 04, 2017

Sacramento Gives Free Cars to Public Housing Residents. Free CARS. | Daily Wire

Sacramento Gives Free Cars to Public Housing Residents. Free CARS. | Daily Wire:
"In today's episode of "Why The Hell Do I Bother To Work For a Living," we learn that the city of Sacramento, California, has decided to purchase a fleet of cars that will be made available, free of charge, to 300 residents already using that city's public housing.
Image result for Big governmentThe $1.3 million used to pay for what the Sacramento Bee calls a "mini fleet," came from the state's California Environmental Protection Agency, which in turn got the money by blackmailing local businesses with cap-and-trade fines.
Gas, maintenance and insurance will also be paid for by the state, which can only mean that the $1.3 million is just the beginning of yet-another very expensive government debacle, but one that will never be repealed because if you take away people's free cars they will die.
Image result for Free Cars From the GovernmentNaturally, the cars are electric cars and come from a private company called Zipcars, a company that appears to be all about making a bundle off your tax dollars by selling to touchy-feely governments the touchy-feely idea that sharing cars is a good idea.
And since we are talking about California, I think we can all agree, then, that if it is a good idea to use your tax dollars to purchase sharing cars, using your tax dollars to purchase electric cars is an even better idea; which means nothing can top the inspired idea using your tax dollars to buy electric cars for  public housing residents, amiright?
Can you feel the Utopia?..."
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