Thursday, June 08, 2017

Stop Politicizing Ship Names (Part II) | U.S. Naval Institute

Stop Politicizing Ship Names (Part II) | U.S. Naval Institute:

Image result for flickr commons images U.S. Navy Ships"The Obama administration took politicizing ship names to a new level, naming ships after its political heroes. The Democratic administration even named ships that had not yet been authorized, trying to bind subsequent administrations. With a Republican administration now in office, the Navy is in danger of being whipsawed to the right in its ships’ names. Politicization of the military already has gone far enough without adding this new dimension.
It is time to establish the naming conventions in law. A law would restrict unilateral actions by both Congress and the executive branch and force some bipartisanship. A law will not stop all politicalization, but it can establish some limits.
Mr. Young pointed out specific instances of the recent politicization. Let me expand on his list:"

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