Saturday, June 03, 2017

The blasphemy case against Bret Weinstein, and its four lessons for professors |

The blasphemy case against Bret Weinstein, and its four lessons for professors |
"In the wake of the violence at Middlebury and Berkeley, and in the aftermath of the faculty mob that coalesced to condemn gender studies professor Rebecca Tuvel, many commentators have begun analyzing the new campus culture of intersectionality as a form of fundamentalist religion including public rituals with more than a passing resemblance to witch-hunts
Perhaps the clearest case yet of these dynamics is currently underway at Evergreen State College, in Olympia, Washington.
The accused witch is Heterodox Academy member Bret Weinstein, a professor of biology. 
Image result for public rituals witch-hunts.On Tuesday, a group of Evergreen students disrupted a class he was teaching, surrounded him, cursed at him, screamed at him, and called for him to resign or be fired. 
Campus police have told Weinstein that for his own physical safety, he should stay off campus for a few days. He held his Thursday class in an off-campus park.
What did Weinstein do to cause this reaction? 
He violated blasphemy laws. 
Here’s how.
For several years, Evergreen has held a “day of absence” in which students, staff, and faculty of color are invited to stay away from campus and take part in discussions about racism and other intersectional issues, organized by the school’s Director of First Peoples Multicultural Advising Services, Rashida Love. 
But this year, the event was inverted; people of color were instructed to stay on campus while all white people were told to stay away from campus. 
White professors were told they should not teach their classes. 
White students were told they should not attend their classes.
You may or may not think this is a good idea. 
But do you think that all professors should simply accept it and do as they are told by Ms. Love? Or do you think that it should be permissible for a professor to question the policy – perhaps even object to it? 
Professor Weinstein objected...."

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