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The problem of campus feminism - The College Fix

The problem of campus feminism - The College Fix
"Meaningless academia and helpless victimhood
There are a great many social movements and groups on college campuses these days, but among them there is perhaps none more enervating and exhausting than campus feminism. 
Feminism” itself has become a kind of tiresome buzzword within the wider pop culture landscape, a way for celebrities and other public figures to kowtow to liberal activists without actually doing anything, but it is on college campuses that feminism—modern feminism, shot through with the worst elements of historical progressivism and neurotic social preoccupations—really comes into its own. And that is a problem for colleges.
Case in point: the recent story about a “feminist researcher” who “supports ‘combining intersectionality and quantum physics’.” 
It might surprise you to learn that quantum physics can be “combined” with anything; most people reasonably assume that bosons, quarks, wave functions and other elemental functions of the universe were Sui generis and thus not subject to “combinations” of any kind. 
But campus feminism cannot help itself: it has to put a feminist spin on every academic field possible. 
So you have an academic—a real person employed by a real person paid for with real tax dollars—making arguments along these lines:
Stark identifies “classical Newtonian physics” as one of the guiding sciences at the heights of Western imperialism, “which identifies separated beings and absolute differences between particles and waves, space and time.”
“This structural thinking of individualized separatism with binary and absolute differences as the basis for how the universe works… is embedded in many structures of classification,” according to Stark.
These structures of classification, which separate humans, include gender (such as male or female) and national borders, according to Stark.
Stark goes on to argue that “the arbitrary exceptionalism or fetishizing understanding of (human) bodies as segmented integrities … is part of the apparatus that enables oppression.
“This is biopolitical.”...
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