Friday, June 02, 2017

The Right Geek: The True Feminist Message: Don't Hire Women

The Right Geek: The True Feminist Message: Don't Hire Women
Hello, Western employers!
As you may have noticed, today's feminist activists have a great deal to say about how women are and should be treated in the workforce.
Image result for True Feminist Message: Don't Hire WomenAnd yes, I understand how difficult it can be to sift through their rhetoric and tease out exactly what you, as an employer, are expected to do.
Fortunately, I think I've finally managed to figure out their underlying message: 
Don't hire women.
I know how bizarre this must seem.
After all, feminists claim to be looking out for women's best interests.
And yet, in presuming to speak for all of us, these activists have managed to paint our distaff sex in a very unappealing light.
Indeed, if feminists are to be accepted as our spokeswomen and exemplars, the following must be true:
Women don't understand math or science.
They don't comprehend, for example, that you can lie with statistics.
Certain numbers - such as the earnings gap - can be explained by phenomena that aren't nefarious, but women are simply incapable of analyzing said statistics in a critical manner.
Additionally, women can't tell the difference between science and scientism. 
They conclude that because, for instance, so-called scientists once claimed that hysteria and neuroses could be cured by giving a woman a good poke, the entire scientific enterprise is a sexist joke..."
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