Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is phubbing and could it hurting your relationship?

What is phubbing and could it hurting your relationship?:
"New research suggests this pernicious problem is wrecking emotional havoc.
Yep, you could be a phubber and not realise it. 
Do you spend more quality time with your phone than you do with your partner?
Are you compulsively checking for notifications and endlessly scrolling through your social media feeds while in the presence of your significant other?
Image result for PhubbingIf this sounds like you, you may be one of millions of people experiencing what is a relatively new psychological condition known as ‘phubbing’ that, according to influential new research, may be slowly eroding your relationship with your partner.
Phone addiction is a ‘thing.'
Phubbing is a portmanteau of ‘phone’ and ‘snubbing’ and occurs when conversation is interrupted by attention being given to a smart phone rather than the person you’re with. 
...Julie believes tech companies like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter deliberately feed on our inherent psychological need for interaction and acceptance to manifest digital addiction and keep us coming back to them time and time again.
“You can be so seduced by the neurochemical hit of dopamine it provides, of constant connection at a safe distance … who else wants to reach me, the number of likes I’ve got, another funny story to read, the excitement of something new … that it can easily become what you do with your spare time,” she says.
“So it’s not much of a jump from that to also continuing to do so when you are with your partner, instead of using this time as an opportunity to connect with them...”
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