Wednesday, July 26, 2017

6 facts climate change alarmists desperately avoid

Image result for climate alarmists6 facts climate change alarmists desperately avoid:
"Dispelling many of the so-called “facts” undergirding “climate change” scientists’ argument that man-made pollutants are causing “global warming,” one climate-change skeptic points to six major reasons why environmental extremists’ devout belief in melting glaciers, rising oceans and drowning polar bears is merely science fiction.
  • First: Cooling down a heated debate

Haskins began his fact check by stressing the abysmal track record of climate alarmists, who are virtually never held accountable for their predictions that grossly miss the mark because Americans are preoccupied with other more important issues...
  • Second: Where’s the extreme weather?

Many climate change skeptics are also asking when all of this extreme weather and cataclysmic natural phenomena resulting from global warming – that has been predicted time and time again – will actually happen...
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