Sunday, July 09, 2017

Don’t let the goats get your job | New York Post

Don’t let the goats get your job | New York Post:
Image result for goat eating"It’s not just coal miners who have to fear greenies will destroy their jobs: A union out in Michigan is up in arms over work being stolen by a pack of eco-friendly goats.Don’t let the goats get your jobDon’t let the goats get your job
Local 1668 of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees lodged a formal protest after Western Michigan University hired a crew of 20 goats to work full-time this summer clearing a 15-acre campus woods of poison ivy and other “invasive species.”
The union says this violates its contract with the school, as nine laid-off members should’ve gotten the job.Don’t let the goats get your jobuniversity-goats-union
A school spokesman notes that poison ivy is “a problem for humans to remove.”
And the university horticulturalist in charge of the project claims the goats can do the job for one-fifth the cost of using human labor, machinery and herbicides..."

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