Friday, July 14, 2017

Good News! No One Is Buying Electric Cars. | Daily Wire

Good News! No One Is Buying Electric Cars. | Daily Wire:
Image result for elecrtic car fail"...What I am is a nature lover, someone who within reason and logic and actual science believes in cleanliness and preservation; someone who believes so much in the American Spirit, there is no doubt in my mind (and history and science back me up) that this can all be accomplished without stripping free men of their liberty, their way of life and prosperity.
And this is why, like all red-blooded Americans, I despise electric cars.

  • ...First off, electric cars are driven mostly by smug, jerk-offs who believe that the simple act of sitting in a Prius makes them superior to the rest of us.
  • But I also hate the LIE of the electric car, the lie that electric cars reduce the carbon footprint, the lie that they do not burn fossil fuel. What kind of moron convinces himself that the electricity that fuels an electric car emanates from a Magic Leprechaun as opposed to burning fossil fuels. Oh.
  • Even more than that, though, is what a country full of covered golf carts would signify. Primarily, it would signify that we have been suckered and/or bullied into conforming to the anti-science lie, the left-wing hustle, the CNN propaganda. It would also signify that as a country we had surrendered our can-do spirit to a dystopic world filled with 40 mph sameness. 
  • Because that is not America. In America we figure it out — we always find a way to preserve our freedom, our God-given right to own a muscle car in a world filled with fresh air and clean water.

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