Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Good read-why we are losing-----Blog: What I saw at the anti-sharia rally in Texas

Blog: What I saw at the anti-sharia rally in Texas:
"When it comes to organizing, leftists are bloody geniuses, and that is one of their main sources of power.
That is why they are constantly outmaneuvering us.
A few weeks back, I received an email from Act for America, one of the very, very, very few conservative organizations that actually does something besides issuing proclamations that nobody else reads and then patting itself on the back.
Organizers were going to hold a rally against sharia law and for human rights in various cities.
I looked it up (, and San Antonio was not one of them.
Now, I know that there are many people in that city who would gladly take part in this – I have talked to them – but where and how to contact the group?
I tried but ultimately gave up in frustration.
...I also receive comments from some conservatives who declined to participate.
One states that such events accomplish nothing.
Image result for anti-sharia rally in TexasAnother that he's staying home to polish his guns, stroking the barrels.
...We arrived, and it was immediately obvious where the site was because we followed the chanting and noise made by the communists.
The communists (flying the hammer and sickle) easily outnumbered the ones advocating human rights. 
...I was eventually impressed by the communists' lung power.
They do not stop chanting their moronic slogans for one second – the usual bit about fascists and racists and homophobes and white supremacists.
Yadda, yadda, yadda.
Never mind that the anti-sharia group had blacks, gays flying the LGBT flag, Hispanics, and Asians.
...There were no Muslims on their side, although a number of white girls wore what they thought were "hijabs" as a sign of "solidarity" with the jihadists advocating female genital mutilation....
To say that the meeting is Austin was organized is a misnomer.
True, the venue was secured.
But no one knew each other.
There were no speakers, there was no agenda, there was no local publicity to speak of except for one TV reporter and cameraman who heard about it as it was taking place toward the end and was going from one person to the other trying to identify who the organizer was in order to interview him.
The communists, incidentally,  did organize themselves beforehand.  
They had a good showing in de facto opposition to human rights and in favor of female genital mutilation.
Folks, we need to get better organized."

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