Monday, July 17, 2017

John Bolton-OPINION | Trump must withdraw from Iran nuclear deal — now | TheHill

OPINION | Trump must withdraw from Iran nuclear deal — now | TheHill:
"For the second time during the Trump administration, the State Department has reportedly decided to certify that Iran is complying with its 2015 nuclear deal...
...Over the past two years, considerable information detailing Tehran’s violations of the deal have become public, including:

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  • exceeding limits on uranium enrichment and production of heavy water; 
  • illicit efforts at international procurement of dual-use nuclear and missile technology; and 
  • obstructing international inspection efforts (which were insufficient to begin with).

Since international verification is fatally inadequate, and our own intelligence far from perfect, these violations undoubtedly only scratch the surface of the ayatollahs’ inexhaustible mendaciousness.
...Within the Trump administration, JCPOA supporters contend that rejecting the deal would harm the United States by calling into question our commitment to international agreements generally.
There is ominous talk of America “not living up to its word.”
This is nonsense.
The president’s primary obligation is to keep American citizens safe from foreign threats..."
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