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July 12, 2017

The American Flag

By Tammy Derouin

Desecration of the American flag really strikes a nerve with me. It's the symbol of our freedom and it represents the United States of American. The flag should be treated with respect. If those who choose to destroy it understood the freedom it represents, the very freedom which gives them the right to desecrate the flag, I would think they would want to preserve and protect it rather than destroy it.

Image result for American Flag 13 StatesWhen foreign enemies desecrate our flag, it isn't surprising. After all, they are our enemies for a reason. They do not understand freedom. When Americans desecrate the American flag, it angers and saddens me. They do not understand freedom.

What is the purpose and what are they hoping to gain? Are they looking for attention that it will somehow put a greater emphasis on their grievance? As usual, the individuals cling to their rights, their freedom of speech or self-expression. Rights become very important when one feels they are being attacked unfairly. Isn't it interesting how left-leaning liberals cling to beliefs and ideals and their right to express their displeasure or their artistic visions because it's their right, but those who are center to right, on the political scale, are mocked and belittled for their beliefs and the desire to preserve freedom and the rights of all.

Americans have the right to speak freely and express themselves as long as they are not causing or calling for physical harm. If you do not like the message, you can walk away or turn the channel. I've never understood the need to destroy the symbol of our freedom. If the flag has no meaning, then neither do our rights.

I guess they do not realize how fortunate they are to be here.......

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