Wednesday, July 26, 2017



Socialist Junkies

By Tammy Derouin

Throughout the ages, puppet masters have employed the useful services of the uninformed, as well as those uninterested in reality or finding the truth. The effort to distort truth and convince the masses to follow a beating drum are matched by the eagerness of the foolish to blindly follow anyone leaving a trail of imaginary entitlements. The more generous the hunter is with his bait, the easier it becomes for the hunted to ignore the warning signs.

Image result for Danger AheadThe victims of past expeditions of doom clearly posted and recorded their experiences to warn future travelers. However, when the senses are distracted by magic dust, causing unrealistic visions of government provided goods and services to start dancing in their heads, the Utopian dream is just too hard to resist. The slippery slope is ready for the next round of victims.

The deep canyon of reality is waiting for impact. The bedrock is not lined with cushions to soften the blow. Why should it be, you've accepted the false facade; time to accept reality. If you survived the initial impact you quickly realize that you have become a prisoner. The shackles may be invisible but the truth of where you just landed is all too real and almost impossible to escape.

The lack of knowledge and understanding of socialism, right here in the United States, has become a dangerous alternative for far too many unsuspecting Americans. Their eagerness to revisit past mistakes is beyond alarming. I saw a post circulating on social media pushing the joys of socialism. The preschool tactics used to lure the uninformed into the socialist trapping reinforce the lack of knowledge most people have on socialism.

The example of a Utopian paradise in this round of ignorant bliss was Denmark. The meme stated some of the wonderful delusions that socialist junkies want you to believe. Sadly, it works.......

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