Wednesday, July 05, 2017




By Tammy Derouin

When you step back in time by visiting a historical site, you develop a different kind of appreciation for what those who came before us endured. It's one thing to read about historical events or battles, it's another to actually see the landscape and structures or touch items and artifacts from years or even centuries ago.

20170627_151437.jpgThe incline to Fort Mackinac is steep but it's worth the climb. The view is spectacular and the history is fascinating. I've traveled to the Mackinaw Island a few times. On my most recent journey, as usual, the fort is my first destination. It's where I spend the most amount of time. For me, there's something very intriguing about walking along the same path, entering rooms and touching the same objects which were touched by so many over the course of generations. I wonder about the conversations which took place and the everyday challenges of a bygone era.......

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