Thursday, July 13, 2017

OPINION | Forget Don Jr.'s email — it's Hillary Clinton who 'colluded' with Russia | TheHill

OPINION | Forget Don Jr.'s email — it's Hillary Clinton who 'colluded' with Russia | TheHill
Image result for russia clinton foundation"The effort to prove collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russian government has proven to be little more than a conspiracy theory desperately in search of evidence.
...Again, in a move of full transparency, Trump Jr. publicly released the entire email chain on Twitter.  The initial email states that the “Crown prosecutor of Russia” offered to provide the Trump campaign with “information that would incriminate Hillary and her dealings with Russia.”
In other words, the information Trump Jr. initially expressed interest in receiving was not hacked emails or illegally obtained documents but apparently information about Clinton’s official Secretary of State dealings with Russia.
At the time the information was offered on June 3, 2016, there was no information suggesting Russian hackers were responsible for the hacking of the DNC.
Image result for russia clinton foundationDonald Trump Jr., in other words, had no reason to believe that the information he sought was little more than opposition research.
Trump Jr. did, however, have full reason to suspect Clinton had operated nefariously in her dealings with Russia.

  • Bill Clinton had given a $500,000 speech in Russia.
  • Clinton had given her approval in handing one-fifth of U.S. uranium to Russia, after which her foundation received $2.35 million from the Russian-controlled company. Suspiciously, Clinton did not disclose the transaction.
  • Likewise, Clinton campaign chief John Podesta sat on the board of a company that received $35 million from the Russian government alongside fellow board members Anatoly Chubais, a senior Russian official, and Ruben Vardanyan, an oligarch..."
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